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Cierre primera etapa 2020

Mucho hemos trabajado, juntos vivimos un tiempo super especial y en nuestros 💓💓💓 quedará! Que bien lo hicieron!!! Llegó el momento de descansar, el 3 de Agosto nos volveremos a encontrar por #lascumbresencasa. Felices y merecidas vacaciones!!!!

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History Assignment on July 9

Argentine independence-day-activities- from Pato_Ch Here the rubric for you to know what I’ll take into account to assess your work. Teacher’s assessment on your learning                                 Comments Organization of ideas.     Ability to communicate ideas clearly, briefly and coherently.         Knowledge of the topic developed.   Thinking, understanding and reflecting on […]

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My e-learning portfolio

ePortfolio:  an electronic collection of evidence that shows your learning journey over time. The key aspect of an eportfolio is your reflection on the evidence, such as why it was chosen and what you learned from the process of developing your eportfolio. The real value of an e-portfolio is in the reflection and learning that is documented; […]

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The Start of World War One: Looking back on my work.

Choose 1 activity that you could have done in a better way and explain why it did not work so well. Self-evaluation. Evaluate your performance from 1 to 10 in the light of the following: Your attendance to class, your participation both individually and also in group work. The quality of the material you presented […]

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